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This menu is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you a good idea of what we can do for you and your family at Roadmap Wealth.  Within this list lies the basis for your personal Roadmap [link to Roadmap page], and that is the foundation of your overall plan.

Organize and Simplify

Fact Finder
Risk Tolerance Assessment
On-line Account Access
Data Aggregation
Personal Financial Website
Family Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Historical Net Worth Statement
12-Month Spending Report
Review Docs - Investments
Review Docs - Wills
Review Docs - Trusts
Review Docs - Prenuptials
Review Docs - Divorce Settlement
Review Docs - QDRO


Tax Return Preparation
Income Tax Review

Vault Upload - Legal Docs
Vault Upload - Insurance Contracts
Vault Upload - Tax Returns
Paperwork and Transition
Estate Transition

Create Probabilities for Hitting Goals

Define Goals
Prioritize Life's Objectives
Cash Flow - Est/Review Budget
Cash Flow - Debt Reduction
Cash Flow - Children's Expenses
Divorce Care - Child Support
Divorce Care - Marital Support
Investment Policy Statement
Investment Review - 401(k)
Investment Review - Cost Basis
Investment Review - Current Holdings
Annuity Review
Social Security Maximization
Qualified Plan Review
Income Tax Analysis
Retirement Readiness
Pension Valuation
Corporate Benefits Review
Educational Funding
Business Review - Buy/Sell
Business Review - Key Employee Benefits
Business Review - Corporate Benefits
Estate - Probate Estimate
Estate - Estate Tax Projection
Estate - Charitable Giving

Plan for Unpredictable Events

Volatility Assessment
Retirement Scenarios
Retirement Income Protection
Umbrella Liability Assessment
Education Scenarios
Life Insurance Needs Analysis
Life Insurance Analysis - Current
Life Insurance Analysis - Beneficiary Review
Disability Income Needs Analysis
Disability Income Analysis - Current
Long Term Care Needs Analysis
Long Term Care Analysis - Current
Long Term Care Analysis - Parents
Family Care - Aging Parents
Family Care - Returning Children
Family Care - Special Needs
Family Care - Estate Settlement
Divorce Settlement Options
Healthcare Planning

Communicate Proactively

Contact - Phone
Contact - Meeting
Annual Advisory Review
Roadmap Review - Timeline
Roadmap Review - Agenda
Education - Investment Basics
Education - Multi-Gen Education
Education - Retirement Savings
Education - 529/UGMAs/UTMAs
Education - Managed vs. Brokerage
Team Meeting - Planner
Team Meeting - Estate Attorney
Team Meeting - CPA/Tax Pro
Team Meeting - Family Attorney
Team Meeting - Insurance Agent
Beneficiary/Heir Meeting
Business Owner/Partner Meeting
Trustee Meeting
Cost Basis Statement

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